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What Is The Difference Between Lenovo's Pens?

Lenovo Pens
Do you ever find yourself writing with an old school pen or even worse a pencil? As you pry your fingers off that last century writing device, ask yourself if there isn't a better way. Well ask no more, there is a whole world of digital pens out there just waiting for you to discover.
I went through this same process and wanted to find out about the digital pens from Lenovo. In this article I've compiled their offerings for you to peruse.  

What is the difference between Lenovo's Pens?

There are two types of stylus pens: active and passive.

An active stylus pen has internal components such as electronics and batteries. These electronic components allow you to customize the pen to your needs. Generally these pens have memory and buttons that act similar to mouse buttons.

In addition, they have electronic erasers and pressure sensitive tips to allow lighter or heavier lines when drawing. You can see these types of pens would be popular with artists. Note that these pens are usually larger than the traditional passive pens because they house internal electronics.

A passive stylus pen does not have internal electronic components and therefore doesn’t have touch sensitivity. Neither does it have buttons or memory. It is just a capacitive stylus that works with an electrical charge from your fingers to the screen. This is the same as using a touch screen with your finger, but with finer control with the stylus.

What is the list of Lenovo pens?

Lenovo has several active and passive pens for their assortment of laptops and tablets.
It is important that you look up your device model number to find the correct pen for it.
An easy way for you to do that is to go to Lenovo’s Accessory Lookup webpage.

Below I listed a few of Lenovo’s pens to give you an idea on what’s available. Past that however is a table listing the pen, it’s part number and compatibility.

List of Lenovo pens(partial list) 
Digitizer Pen
  • Passive pen
  • Usually housed within device cover
ThinkPad Tablet Pen
  • Passive pen
  • Housed within device cover
  • Larger in size than the Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen
  • Passive pen
  • Housed within device cover
  • A variation of the Lenovo Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Pen Pro (also known as Active Pen)
  • Active pen
  • Requires one AAAA battery
  • The largest size pen available
  • Always housed externally of the system
  • Can be stored with an external holder accessory that attaches to the USB port
  • Mouse-click input
ThinkPad Pen Pro 2
  • Active capacitive pen
  • Rechargeable
  • Housed within device cover
  • Mouse-click input
Lenovo Active Pen
  • Active pen
  • Powered by one AAAA battery
  • 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Palm rejection
  • Two quick access side buttons
  • USB pen holder and three replacement tips
  • Streamlined metal body design
Lenovo Active Pen 2
  • Active Pen
  • Up to 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Paper Like Writing
  • 2000 Hours Battery Life
  • Metallic and Diamond Cutting
  • Anti-Accident Clicks
  • Configurable Button

ThinkPad Pen Pro 3

  • Active capacitive pen
  • Rechargeable
  • Housed within device cover
  • Mouse-click input
This table below will help you find the part number associated with the corresponding pen as well as which hardware it is compatible with.
From Lenovo:
Notebook Pens and Pen Accessories
Noteboook or Tablet Pens
Part Numbers
Hardware Requirements
Lenovo 500e Chrome Pen
Lenovo 500e Chromebook
Lenovo Tablet 10 Active Pen
Lenovo Tablet 10
Lenovo Active Pen
Lenovo Miix 510-12IKB, Miix 510-12ISK, Miix 700-12ISK, Miix 720-12IKB, Yoga 900s-12ISK
Lenovo Active Pen 2
4X80N95873, 4X80N95874, 4X80Q75521, 4X80Q75522, 4X80Q75523, 4X80Q75524, GX80N07824, GX80N07825, GX80N07827, GX80N20629, GX80Q75525, GX80Q75526, GX80Q75527, GX80Q75528
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen2 (20JB, 20JC), Miix 720-12IKB,Lenovo Miix 510-12IKB, Miix 510-12ISK, Miix 520-12IKB (Type 20M3, 20M4), Miix 520-12IKB (Type 81CG), Yoga 920-13IKB, Yoga 720-12IKB, Yoga 720-13IKB (Type 80X6), Yoga 720-13IKB (Type 81C3), Yoga 720-15IKB
ThinkPad Tablet Pen
0A33887, 0A33888, 0A33889
ThinkPad Tablet
ThinkPad Tablet 2 Pen
ThinkPad Tablet 2
ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Helix 1st Gen (3697, 3698, 3701, 3702)
ThinkPad Pen Pro
Yoga 260, Yoga 370, X380 Yoga
ThinkPad Pen Pro
4X80H34887, 4X80H34888
Yoga 11e (Type 20D9, 20DA), Yoga 11e (Type 20E5, 20E7), Helix (Type 20CG, 20CH), Helix (Type 3xxx), ThinkPad 10 2nd, ThinkPad S1 Yoga 12, ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 (Type 20DM, 20DN)
ThinkPad Pen Pro 3
ThinkPad X1 Yoga 1st Gen, X1 Yoga 2nd Gen, 11e 4th Gen Chrome
ThinkPad Pen Pro-1
ThinkPad Yoga 460, Yoga 14
ThinkPad Pen Pro for ThinkPad 11e Yoga
ThinkPad 11e Yoga
ThinkPad Pen Pro for L380 Yoga
ThinkPad L380 Yoga
ThinkPad Yoga Pen
ThinkPad S1 Yoga, ThinkPad S1 Yoga 12
Lenovo Pen Pro
4X80R02889, 4X80Q97739, 4X80Q97740, 4X80Q97741, 4X80T37573
ThinkPad P52, ThinkPad X1 Extreme (20MF, 20MG), ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3 (20KJ, 20KK)
Lenovo Integrated Pen for Yoga C930
GX80T09108, GX80T09109, GX80T24710, GX80T24711

Lenovo Integrated Pen for 300e Windows 2nd Gen
300e Windows 2nd Gen (81M9)
Pen Accessories
Part Numbers
Hardware Requirements
ThinkPad Active Pen Holder
ThinkPad Pen Pro (4X80H34887, 4X80H3488, 00HN890, 00JT921)
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Thin Keyboard Pen Holder Kit
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Thin Keyboard
Lenovo Pen Tip Kit
Lenovo Active Pen, ThinkPad Pen Pro

Additional information on Lenovo pens

Lenovo Pen Pro
Lenovo Pen Pro

  • The Lenovo Pen Pro (4X80R02889, 4X80Q97739, 4X80Q97740, 4X80Q97741, 4X80T37573).
  • Industry-leading 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity for natural writing and sketching.
  • 156-hour continual use battery life and three configurable short-cut button to enhance productivity. Recognizes degrees of tilt for lifelike shading for drawings and paintings.
  • Modern digital convenience meets classic look and feel in the Lenovo Pen Pro.
  • Three replacement pen tips are included when original tip is dull.

How to use the buttons from your Lenovo Digital Pen

Lenovo Pen
These are the default Pen Button Functions although you can change then to suit you. The end of the pen holds the Top button. The two buttons along the side are barrel buttons.
  • Hold the top barrel button and tap the screen: Right-click
  • Hold the bottom barrel button to erase the object in supported applications: Erase
  • Top button (for Pen with top button only after paired to your PC): Hold the bottom barrel button to erase the object in supported applications: Erase
  • Click once: Open the home page of Windows Ink Workspace
  • Double click: Send screenshot to OneNote

Change pen settings
Lenovo Pen

In Windows 10 you can change the pen under: Settings: Devices: Pen and Windows Ink.
Also available to configure more functions is a downloadable app from the Microsoft Store. Search for 'Lenovo Pen Settings'.

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