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2 Lenovo Trade-In Programs

Did you know Lenovo has a Trade-In Program?  Instead of throwing away old devices, Lenovo will either reuse or recycle them. Any Lenovo device or PC laptop, or Apple device may be eligible for the program.

Quickly discover if your device is eligible from the website by searching for it or looking at the list.
If it is not on the list does not qualify.
If your product qualifies for reuse - meaning it has monetary value - you'll receive payment equivalent to its fair market value as determined by Lenovo's partner, PowerON Services, Inc. If your product does not have monetary value, they'll recycle it at no cost to you.

Format Blog Text in Gray Boxes

Do you want to add some style or a point of interest to your blog? Or maybe desire to highlight some text by putting it inside a colored box?

I was looking to highlight certain text inside my blog posts by placing it in gray boxes.
After searching for the best way to accomplish this I found a solution that works for me. This is not the only way to make certain text stand out.
You could use Blockquote or create a content box, but I like the simplicity and the look of the simple gray box.

How to create a gray text box This example is simple HTML code to be placed inside your blog posts.
Start by editing your blog post and then select the HTML view. This will of course display the whole post in HTML. If you are not familiar with editing this it's okay, you are only going to copy and paste.Locate the place or text you want to be highlighted.Copy and paste the code below into your post.Insert your custom text to replace the line that says 'Insert Text Here'. That's all ther…

Lenovo Yoga 5G New and Hot

World’s First 5G PC1 is Here
It seems as if we've been waiting to get our hands on some new hardware with 5G capabilities. By we I mean everyone who likes to learn about new innovations. 5G is of course the latest offering in cellular communications. It is not just a step beyond 4G, it's a giant leap. The biggest increase will be in speed, it should deliver close to broadband like speed.

But this article is not going into depth on 5G, it's talking about the introduction of the new Lenovo Yoga 5G laptop. See below on it's specs and size and screen..

All very lightweight which makes sense. With 5G on-board you would think this laptop would keep as much in the cloud as possible and/or stream what is needed.

The following is from Lenovo Press Release:

People use technology to bring about change or make their lives easier, whether you’re helping to save the world or simply saving an email for later. These different user needs and customer insights are what power the new…

Lenovo Ducati 5

WHAT IS THIS -- Lenovo Ducati 5!!

This is from Lenovo news:
High-speed Performance and Design with Special Limited-edition Lenovo Ducati 5

For this laptop, we harnessed that same passion for Ducati design, considering all the details, to deliver fans a PC they could love as much as their bike.

3 Cool Lenovo Accessories

SHOP These Three Cool Lenovo Accessories It seems everyone likes accessories right?

I'm into Lenovo laptops and I like to be on the lookout for cool accessories to make life either easier or bring more fun..

Below are three of the recent finds of accessories I think are pretty cool. And yes, I've included Amazon affiliate links below each one because with each sale I receive a small commission. Additionally, these accessories are priced competitively from Lenovo's Amazon site.  But if you find these accessories listed elsewhere with a better price, by all means buy them there.

Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker

As thin and lightweight as a smartphone, this ultra-thin Bluetooth® 5.0 speaker is engineered to shatter records.
Delivering ultimate 360-degree sound quality, it features touch controls, native voice assistant support. It is also a good assistant for business travelers, who can communicate with clear, high-quality meetings anytime, anywhere.
Give a look…

How To Find Lenovo Parts

How to Look Up FRU/CRU Replacement Parts For Your Lenovo LaptopAre you having an issue with your Lenovo laptop and think you need a replacement part? Maybe you just want to find out if you can add more memory.  Whatever the case may be, if you need a part this article with be for you.

Lenovo provides replacement parts in two ways.
A Customer Replaceable Unit(CRU) is a part the customer can order and replace themselves.A Field Replacement Part(FRU) can be purchased and replaced by yourself or a Lenovo support person.
The difference being the FRU will only provide the part and no supporting documentation.
If the laptop is still under warranty it might be best to have an FRU type part replaced by a qualified field technician.

How do I check my Lenovo laptop warranty?The first step is determining if your laptop is under warranty.
If it is, then the process of repair or replacement of a part may be different than an expired warranty where you have to buy the part yourself.
Let's lookup t…

Laptop Buying Guide - How To Choose A Laptop

If you have already started looking for a new laptop you are well aware of the many choices that are out there. Laptops come in different sizes, some have touchscreens and then there are the Operating System choices. 

There is a lot of information to parse through, so let's break it down and get started.

What to look for when buying a laptop Let's start with your needs? What do you want to do with a new laptop? A casual user might only need a small lightweight laptop, while a gamer would most likely need a fairly powerful system with good graphics and memory.
To make this simpler, let's separate out some questions and go through each one. Budget How much you can afford to spend will influence you decision. Laptops can cost a little as say $200 for a Chromebook or around $1000 or more for a powerful system a gamer might like. >> Start a list and take note of your budget as a guidepost to help keep you realistic when making a choice. Write this on the list Use  So here we…

Lenovo Thinkpad E590

Lenovo 2019 Premium Flagship ThinkPad E590 15.6 Inch HD Laptop (8th Gen Intel Corei5-8265U up to 3.9 GHz, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD) Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI, Windows 10 Pro
Let's take a look at this offering from Lenovo, the Thinkapd E590.  It's pretty much what you've come to expect from the Thinkpad line of laptops.
This model should fit the needs of most users who need a sleek compact laptop that still has a lot of power. You can fold it up and carry it or pack it in a bag for travel.

The Lenovo Thinkpad E590 is sleek, lightweight powerhouse plenty capable for professionals. Simple. Powerful. Compatible. The ThinkPad E590 offers the simplicity of Windows 10. It’s port rich for all of your peripherals, including USB Type-C, and is powered by 8th Gen Intel processors delivering faster performance.

The ThinkPad E590 makes maintenance easy, too. It's reliable—as shown by the series of rigorous tests it undergoes against shocks, drops, and other extremes and gai…

Best Computer Laptops

Choosing a new laptop can be difficult with all the options on the market. One question you are probably asking is "What is the most reliable laptop?"  That's difficult to break-down. By checking the best sellers list you can look at the customer reviews for their owner experiences. That's a good place to start.
Another thing to consider is use; you might want the best computers for college students. Typically they need portability, not all laptops are equal.  Look into a 2-1 laptop.

These laptops vary by full on laptops with hardrives to convertible laptops with touchscreens. A great resource to learn about your different choices. This list is a good place to start researching your next purchase and to understand the differences between manufacturers.  These are Amazon affiliate links.

These are the best selling computer laptops by sales according to Amazon.  The list is updated hourly.

Check the link to see the current list of Best Selling Computer Lapto…