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V7000 Storwize For Lenovo

A while ago I posted about IBM V7000 Storwize Upgrade Procedure.  This post will be about the V7000 Storwize For Lenovo.   Take note that Lenovo and IBM have an agreement that allows Lenovo to sell IBM Strowize systems.   These systems branded by Lenovo are identical in hardware to their IBM counterparts but, the Storwize by Lenovo systems have different machine types and run modified machine code.   You cannot mix the two different branded systems in one Storwize system.
Things to know:

 Lenovo offers their own warranty and service for their Storwize systems.
You can purchase Storwize and get three years of Software Subscription and Support all from Lenovo.

The firmware update process from Lenovo: During the automatic update process, each node in a system is updated one at a time, and the new code is staged on the nodes. While each node restarts, there might be some degradation in the maximum I/O rate that can be sustained by the system. After all the nodes in the system are …

New Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers

Lenovo announced a refresh of their ThinkSystem servers built around the second generation Intel Xeon processors(Xeon SP Gen 2).  The ThinkSystem rack servers range from SR5xx, SR6xx, SR8xx and SR9xx.   ThinkSystem Density optimized systems are SDxxx and Compute nodes for Flex are SNxxx, and finally Tower servers STxxx.
Read the press release here:

  Also of note is the use of new Persistent Memory in these servers which when paired with SSD's improves latency and overall improved performance. Read about this innovative technology here:

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory represents a new class of memory and storage technology explicitly architected for data center usage. It offers three main benefits:
Significantly lower latency than fetching data from system storageHigh capacitiesAffordable cost
Did you know? …