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Laptop Top 4 Hardware Issues (how to fix)

I have gathered the top hardware issues I’ve seen with Thinkpads.

These seem to be the most common problems not only with Thinkpads but all laptops. . In this post I try to provide problem determination steps to help users resolve these issues themselves before having to call Lenovo support.

These are the top issues discussed:

Battery Charging/Battery Life
Hard Drive Crash
LCD/Video Panel
Power On Issues
Battery Issues:
We’ll start with the battery not charging at all. Obviously check your AC adapter connections to the Thinkpad and to the wall outlet. It happens where we assume the adapter is still plugged into the wall outlet but isn’t and when we trace it down feel silly. If this isn’t the problem then remove the battery from the laptop. Does the AC adapter power the Thinkpad by itself? It should, and we know it is functioning properly. Reinstall the battery and look for the charging light to come on located on the lower part of the LCD panel. If you get no sign of life then it appears y…