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10 Smart Tips For Traveling With Your Laptop

I decided to create a list of my top tips for making traveling with a laptop easier and safer. Whether you use a laptop for business or personal use, most likely you take it with you as you travel. This can be short day to day trips such as office to home, or longer business trips. Whichever way your laptop tags along, you can use some or all of these tips to make your life easier.

The available options and accessories for laptops are endless. My selections incorporate not only some of the most needed accessories, but I also wanted to include security steps you should take to ensure your laptop remains protected.

1. BIOS Password
This is a must. Do not overlook securing your laptop in case it gets lost or stolen. It is simple enough to enter the BIOS on boot-up and enter a power-on password and also a hard drive password. The power-on password should be supervisor level which cannot be reset by clearing the CMOS. Also a hard drive password prevents someone from installing your drive in…