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Round-Robin DNS Setup

Round-Robin DNS Setup Round-robin DNS provides load distribution across multiple machines using the same hostname but each having their own IP.  Each request to the DNS server is routed to a different machine in sequential order.   Configuration of round-robin DNS uses the Berkeley Internet Name Domain(BIND) named daemon.  BIND uses zone files to define hostnames with address records.
An example of a round-robin BIND zone file:
 nfs.test.local IN A  nfs.test.local IN A  nfs.test.local IN A
Install and Setup This applies to RHEL.
Make sure the BIND package is installed.   Do not install the bind-chroot package:
yum install bind
The install creates the named service and the following configuration files:
/etc/named.conf                          #read when named service starts /var/named                                  #working directory for the named service /var/named/dynamic                   #directory for the zone data
Edit named.conf to look like the…