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External Thinkpad USB Keyboard

Thinkpad USB keyboard with Trackpoint.
Available for users who like their Thinkpad keyboard and would like to have a comparable external keyboard. This compact, slim design has the same look and feel and even includes the built in Trackpoint and function keys. Its part number is 55Y90030B47190 and costs about $50 US dollars.

Find additional information from Lenovo.

Also available on while they last.
Find them here: 
Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard with TrackPoint - US English

Lenovo SimpleTap

The future of laptops will include a capacitive touch screen. Lenovo's SimpleTap technology enables quick and easy access to hardware controls by simply touching on-screen tiles. This menu of tiles is user configurable and can adjust such things as the ThinkLight, volume controls, screen brightness. The technology is available today for the Thinkpad X200 Tablet and the Thinkpad X400s, both of which feature a multitouch display.

Lenovo's website show a demo of the technology.

The software reached end of life.