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Docking Causes Thinkpad to Shutdown Due To Static

Several models of Thinkpads have been reported to shut-off when inserted into a Dock, Mini Dock or Port Replicator.

Hopefully you're not having this problem yourself but here’s the information about the issue.

Thinkpads affected are the R60, T60/T61 series, and Z6x series. When the system is powered on and inserted into a dock or replicator it shuts off. I’ve seen this happen with a couple different T60 Thinkpads and sometimes the machine would reboot instead of just shutdown. It also seems to happen more in the winter, probably because there is more potential for static build up. I talked to someone who got around this problem by touching some metal to discharge himself and then inserting the Thinkpad into his dock..

Lenovo says the reason the Thinkpads power off is due to an electrostatic discharge between the system and the docking station or port replicator. Their solution is a field kit consisting of rubber caps. These caps are applied to metal prongs on the dock or replicator and protect the Thinkpad from electrostatic discharge. It’s that easy, just apply the rubber caps and no more problem.

Contact the Lenovo Support Center. The FRU for the caps is 42W3219.

From the Lenovo support site discussing MIGR-67382:

The following shows how these rubber caps are installed:
*There are four EMI fingers. Place the caps on the outer two fingers,
leaving the inner two uncovered.
*The rubber caps needs to be pushed to the right after they are put on the EMI fingers to avoid friction between the rubber cap and the plastic top cover of the dock or replicator.



Anonymous said…
I just have this issue with my docking. Where do I get these rubber caps?
Anonymous said…
This happens sometimes to my Thinkpad T500 when docking to Advanced Mini-Dock - it just powers off! It comes with the rubber caps already installed on the "outer fingers". I guess I will try the solution mentioned here ( and remove/insert the docking stations power briefly before I dock each time ...

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