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What Is The Easiest Laptop For Seniors?

Older adults and seniors may face challenges when wanting to use new technology. They might think it will be too difficult, or not realize the benefit that could be gained.
But that shouldn't stop anyone wishing to utilize a new computer or laptop.

In fact, technology adoption among older adults has grown significantly. According to "Today, 67% of seniors use the internet – a 55-percentage-point increase in just under two decades".

Anyone can learn and find enjoyment using the latest technology. This article is intended for those senior citizens who are unsure, but want some clarity, about laptop computers.
How can a laptop help senior citizens? A laptop computer simply helps seniors connect.
Helps them connect to friends and family, connect to email, online banking, and social networking sites. They can also use a program like Skype to make video calls to loved ones. There are on-line games to play, news to read, and of course search Google.
What to look …
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5 Smart Tips For Traveling With A Laptop

Laptops mean portability, and the result is many users want to take their laptop with them as they travel.
Whether it's a short trip to the office for work, or longer trips out of town, these 5 smart tips for traveling with a laptop will ensure a safe and successful outcome.
My 5 Smart Tips For Traveling With A Laptop 1. Bios Password/HDD Password
2. Backpack Bag
3. Security Cable Lock
4. Software Firewall and Antivirus Protection
5. Backup Drives
1. Bios Password And HDD Password Setting a secure power-on or BIOS password is an absolute must. The laptop will prompt for this password before it allows entry into the system or boots the operating system. This will prevent unauthorized use if the laptop gets lost or stolen.

Usually there are a couple of options in the BIOS for power-on passwords: User level and Supervisor level.

User level passwords can be reset by just about anyone and don't provide enough protection.
The supervisor level power-on password is much more secure and…

What Are The Different Versions Of USB?

USB ports are part of many devices today. It can be confusing deciphering the varied types of cables and connectors. We'll break down the versions of USB as well as some common connector types you are likely to see on your device.
What does USB stand for? USB is an industry standard maintained by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF) that establishes specifications. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. The USB ecosystem continues to grow and includes connectors, cables, protocols and power capabilities.

Originally, USB was implemented to standardize computer peripherals. Many devices now connect using USB instead of the older serial ports and parallel ports.
A large benefit to using USB is the ease of use. It is considered plug-and-play and is hot-pluggable.  This means the user can just plug in a device and the operating system automatically recognizes it.
What are the different versions of USB? The table below details the available versions of the USB specification. The cu…

Is It Harmful To Keep Laptop Plugged In?

The advent of lithium-ion batteries has revolutionized the area of laptop design. Smaller more compact batteries, in concert with innovations in semiconductors and microprocessors, contribute to more compact and lighter-weight laptops. Lithium-ion batteries have improved energy density, power capacity, and better cycle life. But is it bad to keep your laptop plugged in all the time? What is the proper way to charge your laptop's battery? This article will plug you in to the lithium-ion technology in modern batteries today.
Is It Bad To Leave Your Laptop Plugged In All The Time?The short answer is 'no' it's not bad to leave your laptop plugged in all the time.
But there is more to the story when discussing lithium-ion batteries.
We have to take into account several factors and there are best practices to know to achieve optimal battery life.

First, let's talk about:
What type of battery is in a laptop? Most recent models of laptop use battery chemistry known as lithi…

Laptop Security Configuration For Small Business

Laptops are increasingly important tools to any business today. Employees are more mobile than ever and need access to mobile devices constantly. Small businesses often find it difficult to maintain strong security protection such as protecting confidential data on laptops.
Often, it's difficult for the small business to understand the scope of security measures. In fact, it has been reported that up to 47% of small to medium size businesses do not back-up their data.

If attention is given to creating and implementing strong policies for laptop security, small businesses will position themselves to protect their company and their employees. 
Create a laptop security management systemLaptop security is one part of a larger and more complex security posture for small businesses. Procedures and policies need to be designed and enforced to cover all aspects of business security.

Generally, best practices across the industry are adopted and customized for each particular business use. F…

Why Does My Laptop Overheat?

If you use your laptop regularly you're probably used to the fact that it gets hot while running. What's not normal or desired is the laptop to get too hot and overheat. Overheating is a concern and should be addressed sooner rather than later to prevent permanent damage. This article will discuss the issue of overheating and steps to be taken to resolve this unwanted occurrence.

Overheating laptops may be caused by clogged vents and fans, programs consuming too much power and memory, and possibly malware or virus infections.
Why does a laptop get hot? You laptop getting too hot or overheating can be caused by several factors. One of the first diagnostics procedures should be to look for and remove a build up of dust.
The laptop's fan collects dust due to it's running so much of the time. The fan speed is controlled by a temperature control system, which adjusts the speed of the fan according to the temperature of the laptop.

Refer to your specific laptop's manual…

What Is The Difference Between Lenovo's Pens?

Do you ever find yourself writing with an old school pen or even worse a pencil? As you pry your fingers off that last century writing device, ask yourself if there isn't a better way. Well ask no more, there is a whole world of digital pens out there just waiting for you to discover.
I went through this same process and wanted to find out about the digital pens from Lenovo. In this article I've compiled their offerings for you to peruse.  
What is the difference between Lenovo's Pens? There are two types of stylus pens: active and passive.

An active stylus pen has internal components such as electronics and batteries. These electronic components allow you to customize the pen to your needs. Generally these pens have memory and buttons that act similar to mouse buttons.

In addition, they have electronic erasers and pressure sensitive tips to allow lighter or heavier lines when drawing. You can see these types of pens would be popular with artists. Note that these pens are…